BlueHourSite 3.0

I would like to announce the third website of Blue Hour. As you see this was a complete revamp again to make the site clean and nice and also to eliminate the flash based map to make room for the much cleaner section with the important blue hour data. I'm a bit sad about the Flash animated map, it was kind of a cool thing but time has passed... As an additional feature now you can see sunrise and sunset times too. I also made the date and location finder much more easier to use, this was always a pain in the previous web site.

To sum up the changes:

  • Cleaner UI, brand new design
  • Site moved from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
  • Sunrise and sunset data
  • Date picker and easier to use location finder
  • Updated databases (location, time zones, IP detection

Also more features are coming:

  • Updated and additional articles about photography
  • Multilingual support and localized website to more and more languages
  • New iOS BlueHourApp
  • ...

I hope you will like the new site, please leave a comment if you have any issue, found a bug or just have an idea about an improvement.jordans for sale yeezy